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Frequently asked questions

The Platform

Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding The Platform.

What is The Platform?

The Platform offers selection of top-rated local restaurants' take-away dishes for you to finalise and plate at the convenience of your home.

How does The Platform work?

The Platform works so that you place an order of your favourite dishes through the webshop, from where they are sent for respective restaurant to prepare for the selected next day pickup time.

How do I order through The Platform?

The Platform offers order through the webshop, available at www.theplatform.pro. You can choose your favourite dishes, pay with a credit card and checkout as in all other webshops.

I cannot find a phone number to call The Platform - should I contact the restaurant directly if I have any questions?

The Platform does not have a phone support currently. Please do contact The Platform for any inquiries through info@theplatform.pro.

Can I pay with other than cards?

The Platform offers as the only payment option card payments. The restaurants will not accept any payments at the pickup. All pickups are handed over to you only after payment is proceed through The Platform successfully. For this, you will always receive a confirmation.

Does The Platform deliver the food to my home or work?

The Platform offers as the only option pickup option. There is no delivery option available currently.

The available pickup times for my favourite restaurant does not work for me - can I change them?

The Platform offers as the only option the specific pickup times given by the restaurants. They cannot be changed.

I am allergic and my allergy is not listed in the ingredients of my chosen dish. Is it safe for me to order the dish?

The Platform shows the ingredients that the restaurant has decided to communicate in the description. These often includes the most common ones, such as gluten or if the dish is vegan. Often dishes contain tens of ingredients and they cannot all be listed in the description fields. If you are unsure of the allergens, please consider not ordering the dish and prioritise your health.

What kind of kitchen equipment or appliances do I need to finalise the dishes at home?

The dishes selected by the restaurants on The Platform are designed to be finalised in a "normal" home kitchen. There should not be any need for special or professional kitchen equipment or appliances. In that case, the restaurant will have this information included in the description.

What kind of additional ingredients do I need to finalise the dishes at home?

The dishes selected by the restaurants on The Platform are designed to be finalised at home often with additional ingredients. A good example of this is Green Curry. With that, the restaurant has chosen to suggest green vegetables such as broccoli to go with. The description will include ideas of how to compliment or what to add to the dish to finalise it, but often restaurants promote creativity!

How many dishes should I order through The Platform? Can I order for the whole weekend or just one day?

The dishes selected by the restaurants on The Platform are designed to be finalised preferably the same day than pickup. Many of the dishes can survive when properly kept refrigerated for 2-3 days. The standard amount of food is one dish per one person. If otherwise, the information is stated in the description.

Can I order food for the same day?

The Platform allows you to order dishes for next day pickup only. Same day pickup is not currently supported.

I don't know how to cook or I don't have a kitchen. Can I still order from The Platform?

The dishes selected by the restaurants on The Platform are designed to be finalised at home in a normally equipped kitchen. They are not designed to be consumed as-is, if not separately stated in the description of the respective dishes.



Thursday - Saturday 16:00-16:30 ‍

Restaurant Ora is a Michelin star fine dining restaurant in Helsinki. Chef-owner Sasu Laukkonen’s enthusiasm for his intimate restaurant is infectious. The well-balanced menus change according to available local produce – including some from their garden – and dishes use modern techniques to enhance classic Finnish flavours.

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