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Inari – Five

Michelin star restaurant Inari's five course menu at home

Michelin star restaurant Inari's five course menu at home

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Michelin Star

Michelin Chef Kim Mikkola has designed this special five course menu at home, making your dinner a true success. The menu starts with a delicious wild salmon and melon dish with clarified kimchi juice. After the first course there is a fresh dish with broad beans, chilled thai basil soup and shiso oil. The menu continues with grilled asparagus, seaweed jelly and lime. For the main course we serve lamb braised with 5-spice. Steamed pancakes and condiments to accompany the glazed lamb. For dessert we serve cinnamon pancakes with condensed milk and cinnamon ice-cream. The entire menu is prepared at the restaurant for you to finalise and plate at the convenience of your own home kitchen. Available from Tuesday to Saturday with a very limited amount per day.

1. Wild salmon, fresh melons and clarified kimchi juice.

2. Peas, chilled thai basil soup and shiso oil.

3. Grilled asparagus, seaweed jelly and lime.

4. Braised lamb, steamed pancakes with condiments to share.

5. Cinnamon pancakes with condensed milk and cinnamon ice-cream.


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Wild salmon, melon and kimchi juice
  1. Plate the salmon with the melon as in the picture
  2. Pour the kimchi juice over the salmon and melon
  3. Enjoy!
Peas, chilled Thai basil soup and shiso oil
  1. Plate the peas on the bottom of the plate
  2. Pour the chilled thai basil soup on top
  3. Finalise with the shiso oil
  4. Put the thai basil leaves on top
  5. Enjoy!
Grilled asparagus, seaweed jelly and lime
  1. Plate the grilled asparagus on the bottom of the plate
  2. Add the seaweed jelly slices on top of the asparagus
  3. Add the lime zest slices on top
  4. Enjoy!
Braised lamb


1. Place the contents of the bag into a sauce pan.

2. Braise until thickens (glace).

Other condiments

3. Serve as is

Plug & Play. Make the combinations of condiments work for you. Have fun and make a mess while at it!

Filled cinnamon pancake with cinnamon ice-cream

1. Place the pancake (Hoddeok) in a 200C oven for 10 minutes or fry them gently in butter on mild temperature on a pan.

2. Squeeze out the condensed milk on top of the Hoddeok.

3. Top it off with the ice cream and enjoy!

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Restaurant Inari

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Have fun finalizing the dishes and enjoy!

Have fun finalizing the dishes following the detailed instructions. Remember, creativity is always allowed when in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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