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LøChef is ThePlatform.pro’s in-house kitchen veteran who is not afraid of intense service and long days. They say, LøChef’s “Mise en place” made Escoffier himself jealous. But who is LøChef? Very few people know! Having worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, LøChef is a culinary master that lets the food speak for itself. To keep a secret identity, LøChef works in complete clandescent, offering frequently changing seasonal menus to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. "They say, his potato pyree made Joel Robuchon try harder". Heard in a kitchen somewhere LøChef operates ThePlatform.pro’s virtual restaurant, where multi course menus are available to order with complimentary premium home delivery. Each menu is delivered as a turnkey “Mise en place” package, with instructions to finish and plate each dish like a pro. You only need the most basic kitchen equipment and dinnerware, along with the will to succeed.

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