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Michelin Chef Kim Mikkola has designed the mouth watering KotKot Hot Chicken Sandwich - a fusion of signature brioche, juicy chicken, fresh salad, cheese, sauces and condiments. KIM MIKKOLA is the founder and chef of KotKot, chef and owner of the Michelin star Restaurant Inari and the high-end culinary online service Theplatform.pro. His cuisine is focused on the best possible locally sourced ingredients to finest imported spices and like. The emphasis is on simplicity yet complexity and depth of the flavour, purity and seasonal thinking. Helsinki native, started cooking at the age of 15. He started his career working in the best Finnish restaurants, such as one Michelin star restaurant Carma. Before starting KotKot, Mikkola founded one Michelin star restaurant Inari in Helsinki and was working as a sous chef at the world famous restaurant Noma for over 4 years. “I come from very humble beginnings, the suburbs North of Helsinki. My family was very poor like almost every other family during the time in that particular area. The area was no stranger to crime and sorts. Ever since I graduated from the culinary school and started working at fine-dine restaurants, I wanted to create the best chicken slider there is. It took me nearly two decades to create a product I consider is worth a stop on your journey." KotKot is a trip back to the roots. Focus is nothing less than delivering the best product in town with the best price point for guests to enjoy - with no compromise on quality and fresh ingredients. KotKot is a mobile operation, product is delivered from a food truck. Location changes daily, making it truly accessible for a large audience. KotKot visits places where no other has planned to serve high quality food products and aims to bring joy of great food to people in these areas.

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