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Corporate clients

Would you like to order our fine dining at home-menus for your team or clients?

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Thank you for considering ThePlatform.pro! We're excited for you to enjoy our Michelin-grade experiences at home. All menus are designed by a Michelin chef and prepared in a professional kitchen. Every dish is packaged and labeled clearly, and our menus have professionally filmed instruction videos as well as easy-to-follow written instructions. They're designed so that even a less experienced home-chef can finish and plate each component to create a beautiful and delicious multi-course menu with ease. All you need is some basic kitchen equipment and the will to succeed.

Our fine dining at home packages are a great way to experience an incredible meal together from separate locations. You can arrange a virtual dinner experience over video, or just send our packages as gifts to be enjoyed with no specific schedule.

Delivery in Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa-Kauniainen is included. We can also deliver elsewhere at an agreed upon rate.

Most of the menus in our selection are available at starting list prices for corporate orders.
We take dietary restrictions and allergies into consideration to the best of our abilities. We also offer additional services and add-ons such as adding corporate gifts to the delivery.

Please leave a request in the form and we'll contact you as soon as possible!

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